The Benefits to Technology in Home Safety

Major Breakthroughs In Home Surveillance Cameras
If you have not realized how impressive modern technology is for surveillance video, then you are surely missing out on a world of information. Simply put, there has never been as much innovation and ingenuity in this field than there is today. What this means for you is that you can turn your home into a highly protected fort. In other words, there is a very fascinating new tool that you (more…)

Are We More Friendly Now Technology Has Invaded Our Lives?

Modern digital technology can be a double edged sword when it comes to the relationships between people in today’s society. On one hand, the internet and wireless cellular networks allow people to instantly connect anywhere in the world. People can spend hours communicating to family members and friends by using mobile phones and computer devices. People are also willing to engage in conversations with complete strangers in virtual online settings such as chat rooms and website forums.Check (more…)

How Has Technology Affected Movie Production Overall?

Technology is having a great affect on all of our lives. It is also helping movie production when it comes to advertising and planning. Technology is allowing people to watch movie trailers months before the movie is released, which is helping when it comes to sales and opening weekend gross totals. Technology is also allowing people to watch clips of movies after the release and read movie reviews so that sales can become increased over time. (more…)

The Benefit of Blue ray Technology on Movies

Blu Ray technology is derived from the actual Blu-laser that reads/writes information to the digital disc. Blu-Ray discs are also unique in the fact that they can hold up to 50GB of data. This is due to the layers of the disc being double folded to produce more information sectors too write to.

The higher data volume allows for the disc to read more information quicker, which produces higher bitrates quality. Higher bitrates deliver more detailed sound and video to the end user. Also, other beneficial features such as picture-in-picture video, online capabilities and more are (more…)

Should A Teacher Only Use Technology To Assess Student Learning?

This really is going to be an open ended question since there really is two sides of the coin on this argument. Over the years technology has been improved to help with everyday problems. However, the keyword we should focus on is help and not takeover. Solving problems should always be done with humans, and that is one of the biggest reasons why computers have yet to take over the world. Every day in schools we use (more…)

Top 3 Ways Technology Can Help Students

Every year technology increases making learning and comprehending subjects easier for students. Teachers can use technology to expand the classrooms horizons beyond the typical books and maps that we used in the past while growing up. A student can now get tons of information at their fingertips on any subject in just a few seconds.

1. Expanded Global Learning

Rather than just having pen pals, foreign language students can talk online with other groups of students from the country they are learning about. You get face-to-face online interaction with the foreign students’ language and culture.The full explanation can (more…)

How Can Technology Increase Organizational Effectiveness Today?

The expansion of technology has offered many benefits to different parts of the home and work life. It has enabled individuals to be more productive and efficient in their activities. Besides just promoting an increase in what is being accomplished, technology also has the ability to promote organizational benefits.

Prior to today, documents at businesses would have to be filed into large cabinets. This method worked, but created chaos when trying to locate a specific document. Many times the files would end up out of order and accidentally misplaced. (more…)

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives In 2012

Intuit is a point of sales (POS) system allowing small and large business owners the ability to conduct credit card transactions from anywhere they have a cell phone signal. This innovation is considered to be one of the most significant in most recent times.

The Nook Tablet is yet another tech advancement. An upgrade from the Nook,, the Nook Tablet is a complete tablet PC experience; allowing the user the ability to surf the Internet, play games, and download \Apps\” from the android store.”